Anti Static Fabric

Price : INR 135.00 / 1 Meter

Standard quality Anti Static Fabrics are used to prepare outfits worn for avoiding electrostatic discharge. Woven by using superior grade polyester cotton and spandex materials, these fabrics are produced by using advanced weft knitting or warp knitting technique. Soft to touch, these fabrics are completely fire retardant and possess excellent anti wrinkle properties. Garments made of these fabrics are generally worn by personnel engaged in mining, petrochemical, welding and metallurgy industries. These Anti Static Fabrics are accessible in different density, color and length options. These light weight fabrics are breathable and are completely protected against water. Recyclable quality, light weight nature and unique anti bacterial properties are some key attributes of these fabrics.<br /><br /><strong>Features :</strong></p> <ul> <li>The offered fabrics are made of good quality spandex and polyester cotton</li> <li>These are woven by using cutting edge warp knitting or weft knitting method</li> <li>Good air circulation level</li> <li>Shrinkage proof quality</li> </ul>